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Key Milestones of Reinfo

In 2000,  the flag ship product - PolyWin was launched and within four years time,  PolyWin was successfully installed to 10 clients to manage the insurance operation.


In 2003, PolyEB was developed to manage the Group Life and Group Medical business for Prudential which is one of the top 3 Life company in Hong Kong.


In 2005, PolyWin was implemented to 3 clients located in Macau.  Including the first two largest General insurance company which are China taiping insurance and Luen Fung Hang insurance.


In 2008, the first web-based PolyWin (PolyJ) was implemented to Fubon Insurance which is the largest General Insurance company in Taiwan.


In 2009, PolyWin was implemented to the Second Captive company - CNOOC Captive insurance and while the first Captive insurance (GT)  in HK was also supported by Reinfo in 1995.


In 2010, iPanel which was  web-based system to serve doctors and panel group in Macau for claims registrations.  Luen Fung Hang one of the largest GI insurance in Macau,  using iPanel to serve over 400 doctors and panel group under 7 x 24 operations. 

In 2013, PolyNet was implemented to the Taiping Reinsurance to manage Facultative, Treaty and Retrocession pools .. etc.


In 2015, iEB was implemented to Cigna General Insurance to manage Group Medical inquiry functions to their policyholder / member via mobile devices.

In 2016, RIS (Reinsurance System for Life business) was implemented to Prudential to handle the life policy reinsurance calculation process.

In 2018, started the evaluation and development on Poly17 which is the engine to prepare IFRS17 financial reports.

In 2019, PolyWin was implemented to the First Digital General insurance in Hong Kong – AVO Insurance , to manage the back-end process, i.e.  Accountings,  Reinsurance, AR/AP , Reports and Statistics .

In 2020, Poly17 was already engaged by 3 General insurance companies and expecting more customers will be engaged in 2021.  

In 2021Poly17 was engaged by another 5 General insurance companies to enjoy the low cost solution that supported by SYU & Partners, Mazars CPA.

In Addition, two General Insurance companies had acquired our flag ship products - PolyWin and PolyGL, in order to use integrating Poly17 for IFRS17 requirements.

Main focus on IFRS 17 solution in 2022

To meet the coming standard in 2023,   the Poly17 and PolyGL2 will be launched in production for the 9 General Insurance companies.    

We are building test cases on blockchain for insurance. First milestone is to develop reinsurance accounts exchange between Insurer and Broker / Reinsurer, i.e., Premium bordereaux, Claim bordereaux, Outstanding Loss bordereaux, Reinsurance accounts and Cash Call... etc.

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